A software for sleep analysis in Drosophila

All the software and files available in this website are distributed under GPL license as open source material. Documentation is released under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).


pySolo provides an intuitive GUI. You can visualize, select and manipulate data for single flies, single days, single monitors, etc, etc. Analysis of your data fly by fly or day by day has never been so easy.


pySolo works by integrating single add-on modules that are easy to create and modify. Use it to explore from sleep to circadian activity, with infrared-detected motility to video recordings.

What is pySolo

pySolo, a complete multi-platform software for sleep/activity analysis in Drosophila. pySolo aims at improving sharing – and communication – among researchers in the field of sleep in invertebrates. With pySolo not only will you find a powerful and versatile software suite, but also a complete system for the analysis of sleep in flies: from data acquisition through video imaging to data analysis. If this is your first visit get started here. Please remember that these pages are constantly updating: exactly as pySolo is.

Quick Tour

pySolo provides an
intuitive GUI that makes interaction with the software very straight forward.


A software for sleep analysis in Drosophila

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