A software for sleep analysis in Drosophila


From here you can download the last versio­n of pySolo a­nd other ­material.
For a log of version changes visit the What’s New page


pySolo – 1.1 (released on 17/09/2015) – Check what is new with this release here

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (setup.exe)
  • Ubuntu – no longer supported!
  • Archlinux (AUR)
  • All operating systems (requires manual python installation – tar.gz)

pySolo – Development version (will be next stable pySolo release)

This is the latest available version, updated almost daily. If you are an experience user you may want to use this version. A full Python installation is required for this version to function. See here for more details.

Video extension

pySolo webcam-video extension.

pySolo-Video – v1.1 (released on 14/05/2012)

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (setup.exe)
  • Ubuntu (10.10 to 11.04) (deb or set the repository for automatic updates [recommended])
  • Archlinux (AUR)
  • All operating systems (requires manual python installation – tar.gz)

pySolo-Video – Development version (will be next stable pySolo release)

pySolo-Video (OLD) – companion material (here)

The Video validation section of the website contains a galore of material that can be downloaded to evaluate the performance of the video plugin. Check the Documentation to see how to use it. WARNING: this refers to the old version of pySolo Video. For the newer version please see here.

Supporting material

Example files and various scripts.

Example data files (zip)

The zip archive contains:

  1. example_raw_data_ch.zip (raw data files. unzip these somewhere in your hard drive to test pySolo import and to check files format and names)
  2. example_raw_data_mon.zip (same as above but raw data are in the monitor format)
  3. example_db.dal (database file)
  4. example_anal.dad (file containing processed data of wild type or mutant male and female flies. To be open with pySolo analysis)

Example video file (zip)

This can be used to test pySolo-Video

Datafetcher (this is now part of pySolo)

A script that can automatize the daily import of data generated with trikinetics system. Unzip somewhere on your hardrive. For instruction on how to use it or go here.

You can use this script together with the Labjack U3 USB module to read temperature and humidity from the incubator and log them so that they can be used with pySolo. The script will also send notification emails when the detected values of temperature or humidity will go beyond defined thresholds.

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