A software for sleep analysis in Drosophila



Use the comment space in this page or send me an email to suggest a feature you would like to see implemented in pySolo. I cannot promise to satisfy all features timely but I can promise that I will consider all of them and get back to you.

2011/06/23 – Wen-feng C.

Can I get the parameter of ‘sleep latency’ at light-on and light-off

status: (to be done)

2009/07/15 – Dylan C.

I wanted to know if it was possible to export all the sleep episode lengths so that I can look at the distribution for each fly.(done in developmental version)

Even better would be a 2-D array in which say column 1 is time of the start of the sleep episode and column 2 is the duration of the sleep episode.

status: (to be done)

2009/07/11 – Eric D.

calculate sleep as 1 minute of inactivity (as opposite of 5)

during videocapture: preview captured images as it happens.

status: (work in progress, remaking the entire video analysis software now) tbd

2009/05/26 – Michael K.

plot the activity in 30 min bins instead of the 1 min bin status:

status: implemented in the development version

2009/04/30 – Amanda C.

Add bout data and latency data to the “all data” panel and add bout data to the compiled version

status: bout part done, latency to be added yet

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