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Sleep deprivator

Needed components. For Video analysis: - the latest version of pySolo Video from github [link] - the following necessary Python components installed on the PC: Python version: 2.7.6 WX Version: scipy Version: 0.13.1 scipy Version: 1.8.0 matplotlib Version: 1.3.1 opencv Version: 2.4.7 You can make sure that everything that is needed is correctly installed by runnin this script. For sleep deprivation: - the latest firmware version from github [

Python dependencies for pySolo and pySolo-Video

Python is a not-compiled language, meaning that you need to have a working copy of it installed on your computer in order to be able to run PySolo. In particular, the following needs to be installed on your machine in order to be able to run PySolo: Python >= 2.7 The core of the python interpreter. Latest version is 2.7. Please ...

Bug in OpenCV 2.1

There seem to be a bug in the python binding of OpenCV 2.1 and 2.2 that will make pySolo Video crash after only few hours of work. This is due to a memory leak (i.e. the program uses more and more memory until resources are over and will crash) and depending on how much memory your machine has, could ...

Troubleshooting and bugs

pvg-acquire crashes after few hours of acquisition! There seem to be a bug in the memory garbage collection of the python  opencv binding that will result in no memory be free after a while. For some reason the bug hits different machine in different ways. In some cases the system will crash after two hours, in some other 12 hours. In ...

van Alphen et al.

Drosophila strategies to study psychiatric disorders. van Alphen B, van Swinderen B. Brain Res Bull. 2011 Sep 17.

Video Tutorials

Dean et al.

Drosophila QVR/SSS Modulates the Activation and C-Type Inactivation Kinetics of Shaker K+ Channels. Dean T, Xu R, Joiner W, Sehgal A, Hoshi T. J Neurosci. 2011 Aug 3;31(31):11387-95.

Gilestro et. al

pySolo: a complete suite for sleep analysis in Drosophila Gilestro GF and Cirelli C Bioinformatics, 2009 Jun 1;25(11):1466-7.

Gilestro et al.

Widespread changes in synaptic markers as a function of sleep and wakefulness in Drosophila. Gilestro GF, Tononi G, Cirelli C. Science. 2009 Apr 3;324(5923):109-12.

Crocker et al.

Identification of a neural circuit that underlies the effects of octopamine on sleep:wake behavior. Crocker A, Shahidullah M, Levitan IB, Sehgal A. Neuron. 2010 Mar 11;65(5):670-81.

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