A software for sleep analysis in Drosophila


pySolo is free

All the software and files available in this website are distributed under GPL license as open source material. Documentation is released under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). In a few words, you have free access to everything and you can use use it and modify it with very little restrictions. Use pySolo together with your favorite acquisition system or in conjunction with the video extension to setup a powerful but inexpensive recording station. Last but not least, pySolo will run on any operative system, including the free operative system linux.

Easy to use

pySolo provides an intuitive GUI that makes interaction with the software very straight forward. You can visualize/select/manipulate data for single flies, single days, single monitors, etc, etc. Analysis of your data fly by fly or day by day has never been so easy.

pySolo is easily expandable

pySolo works by integrating single add-on modules (called panels) that are easy to create or modify. Create your own panel for whatever new sleep analysis you may need and share it with the community by making it available on the website. There is no limit to the kind of analysis pySolo can do for you: from sleep to circadian activity, with infrared-detected motility to video recordings.


pySolo’s computations are all done on matrices, using the NumPy and SciPy libraries of python. Analysis are very fast, up to 50x faster than other systems.

pySolo provides high quality results

All data in pySolo are drawn using the python graphic library matplotlib that allows drawing of publication quality figures exportable as images or vectorial files.

pySolo works with tiny data files

pySolo uses a zip-based compressed format to store data. That is fast yet efficient. A file containing data for 32 flies for 200 days at resolution of 1 count per minute is stored in less than 1.5mb and opens in less than 9 seconds. Calculations are almost immediate on an average machine. Small data files make backup and sharing of your work very easy.

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