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Troubleshooting and bugs

pvg-acquire crashes after few hours of acquisition!

There seem to be a bug in the memory garbage collection of the python  opencv binding that will result in no memory be free after a while. For some reason the bug hits different machine in different ways. In some cases the system will crash after two hours, in some other 12 hours. In some others again, no crash will happen.

With this little reproducibility is difficult for me to debug it properly but I, at least in linux, I coded a workaround in version 1.0.1 of pySolo-Video.

Instead of using pvg-acquire, use the command line to start the following program:

/opt/pysolo-video/pysolo-crashproof /home/myself/configurationfile.cfg

This will start the acquisition automatically for all the monitors that were properly set in the configuration file specified and will restart the acquisition automatically every time the system will crash due to a memory error.

The default name for the configuration file, since version 1.0.1, is pysolo_video.cfg and its default location is the home folder.

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