A software for sleep analysis in Drosophila


First run

Starting the program using the binary/prepackaged version

If you installed pySolo using the prepackaged version, just run it by selecting the program icon from the start menu of your OS. In Ubuntu, pySolo and pySolo video will be both under the “Science” subfolder of your start menu.

Starting the program using the development version

To run pySolo just navigate on the folder and double click on the right file:

pysolo.py                       To start the complete program.
pysolo_anal.py                  To start only the analysis part of pySolo.
pysolo_db.py                    To start only the database.

If you work from the command line, you can also provide some specific options to pysolo_anal.py. For instance:

pysolo_anal.py -o Data/test.dad

will open the file test.dad in the folder Data

pysolo_anal.py -c conf_pysolo.opt

will use the configuration file conf_pysolo.opt instead of the default one.

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