A software for sleep analysis in Drosophila


General Requirements

Hardware requirement.

pySolo-Video, the video acquisition extension of pySolo works using regular webcams as image source and infrared lightings as illumination source. The detection algorythm is sensitive enough and does not require high definition cameras. For this reason, a system can be setup that uses very inexpensive webcam (the $10 models on ebay will work fine). Moreover, processing of the images is optimized and does not require a very powerful computer.

The bottom line is that a recording station can be build on the budget, allowing also smaller lab to enter the sleep field.

We have recently partnered with polygonaltree.co.uk to produce and sell ready-to-use video analysis machines.


Software requirement.

pySolo Video will run on PC with a MS Windows or linux operative system.  MacOS was not tested but it should work. A packaged binary version is available for Windows machines.

You can also run the developmental version, available on github. The Python dependencies for the developmental version can be found here.

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