A software for sleep analysis in Drosophila


What is new

The features that have been added to the developmental version are not been inlcuded in the documentation yet. They will be by the time the developmental version becomes stable. If you would like to suggest a feature, please add it here.

pySolo – developmental version


  • Add support for import plug-ins in the database

pySolo v1.0 (released on 2012/01/21)

  • Fixed bug for merging of data in the analysis panel
  • Added support for pySolo Video

pySolo v0.9.1 (released on 2011/11/18)

  • Fixed bug with datafetching in channel mode

pySolo v0.9 (released on 2011/08/17)

  • Fixed bug with panels compatibility
  • Added about dialog to pysolo analysis

pySolo v0.8 (released on 2011/08/05)

  • Activity can bow be plotted in bars summing bins of 1 to 60 minutes (2009/05/26)
  • Data can be exported in different forms
  • Each panel’s variables can be configured from GUI
  • Datafetcher included into main pySolo

pySolo v0.6.5 (released on 2009/05/05)

  • Added number of sleep episodes to the sleep episodes panel (2009/03/17)
  • Fix the search for automatic update (2009/03/17)
  • Added sleep episodes to the all data panel (2009/05/05)

pySolo – v0.6 (released on 2009/03/17)

  • Fixed bug in “recent file list” opening (2009/02/22)
  • Fixed the progress bar dialog bug during data acquisition (2009/03/2)
  • Added the new wxMPL module (1.3.1) (2009/03/05)
  • Added drag and drop support to the the video extension (2009/03/16)

pySolo – v0.5 (released on 2009/01/23)

  • Fixed button bug in MacOS (buttons could not be clicked) (2008/12/01)
  • Fixed scrollbar bug in Windows Vista (2008/12/01)
  • Fixed import across new year bug (2009/01/01)
  • Fixed a bug on how the option panel dealed with option_choice (2009/01/07)
  • Day by Day panel now shows activity plot too (2009/01/07)
  • Can specify extension of the input files (including no extension) (2009/01/07)
  • Every piece of data (from variable to array) can now be exported directly from the GUI as binary file or text file (2009/01/08)
  • Added support for opening files on Drag&Drop (2009/01/14)
  • More options to plot error bar on the browser panel (2009/01/14)
  • Fixed a bug in the function importing data in monitor format (2009/01/23)

pySolo – v0.4.1 (released on 2008/11/18)

  • First official release

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